Omoda 5

Chery OMODA 5
Cross Future


Futuristic Fastback Crossover
Futuristic Design & Intelligent Technology

Exterior Chery OMODA 5

– Dynamic T-shape DRL with sequential LED sign


– Sporty rear upper spoiler
– Integrated Tail light with Rear spoiler



– Advanced Driving Assistance System
– Electric Sunroof



Interior Chery OMODA 5

– Intelligent voice control “Halo Chery..”


– Perforated seat with ventilation
– Sporty leather seat



– Sporty and Dynamic Cabin Design



– Dynamic Ambient Light



– Intelligent Voice Assistant
– 20.5 Inch Super Large Screen



– Sporty Ventilated Seats



Feature Chery OMODA 5

– Wireless Charger with Phone Remider


– Premium Audio Sound by SONY



– Door Mirror heating



Specification Chery OMODA 5



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